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how can i sale my house for sale by owner


There are services for this but professionally and personally my biggest concern is liability. Homeowners who sell their own homes have every right to do so but I would not want to be a sitting duck should something go wrong, be missed in disclosures, or turn south in any ways during the sale period and more importantly after you close. Think long term to protect your interests and have someone on YOUR side the entire way protecting YOU.  Have you spoken to a professional realtor that you feel is honest and will work with you in all areas to your satisfaction?  A honest realtor with high integrity has resources that far surpass someone used to help you sell like a piece of furniture.  Your home and that investment is a BIG DEAL not to be taken lightly.Sincerely,Barbara Waldowski

There is a mistake in the zestimate of our house value (about 100k lower). what should I do?


Hello Oblythe,I see this often.  Zillow can only regulate the enormous number of homes with general Estimates(general pricing only), some are accurate, some close to accurate and others simply off base.  The only way to measure value of your home is via one source and that is the MLS and Tax Services within the MLS.  An appraiser will  not use Zillow nor will incoming buyers (with a great agent) use other online sources to determine their purchase price.  Short of climbing the Zillow customer service ladder, I frankly would simply ignore this and align yourself with a top notch agent who daily comps homes for a living.  If you are seeking a refi, they won't lend credence to a low estimate online but do their own ranking.  You may use my website, linked to MLS, to determine surrounding home values in your neighborhood.  I can't tell you the cilents I have to tell to please do not use Zillow and sure shooting, the appraisal trumps it everytime in their favor.  Have a wonderful holiday.  Barbara Waldowski [contact information deleted by Zillow moderator.  Please see our Good Neighbor Policy]

Loans with high DTI


I assume you have spoken to Chase, Wells, or BofA to see their latest stance on HELOC's?  Thus the question-just covering that point.  If you are investing/purchasing/flipping, I lend hard money for such.  I've done this myself a number of times and am in the middle of a note purchase/flip.  I can get you the cash in 10 days. 949.307.6220begin_of_the_skype_highlighting        949.307.6220   end_of_the_skype_highlighting  Wonderful, legitimate company and worth the interest for investors.I live in Northwood also, Yale and Southwood area.

Our rental property is shown as a house for do we correct this listing


Hello Isecpark,I see your home in 'Zestimates' which is standard on Zillow.  All homes show value but I don't see it for sale.  It is not on the MLS for sale.  Please address further is you need anymore help with this.With warm regards,Barbara WaldowskiLW Properties,