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- Highly likely to recommend
11/05/2013 - superzebayer
Bought a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $200K in Daly City, CA.
Here is a recap of my amazing experience working with Tanya:

January 3rd 2012 - called Tanya to tell her I am looking for a condo January 4th 2012 - Tanya showed me a property that I fell in love with. January 4th 2012 Evening - Tanya submitted an offer on my behalf January 6th 2012 - Offer accepted February 2nd 2012 - Closed escrow...

Do I need to say more?

This was the first time I worked with a real estate agent and the first time I bought a home. Even though I worked in a bank, I had no idea on what it actually takes to buy a home. Tanya took over completely. She was in constant communication with my Mortgage Rep and his underwriter. She was on top of everything that we needed at all times and did everything in her power to make sure the transaction goes through as fast as possible; and it did!

On top of me closing escrow in less then 30 days, Tanya got me a huge refund from my title company. Granted this might not be the case for everyone, but the fact that she did should let you know that this agent has your best interest at hart.

Tanya is very knowledgeable in what she does. I cannot express how much she helped me through out the process. I can honestly say that if it wasn't for her, I would probably be still shopping around.

It has been almost 2 years since i have bought my property and to this day i still contact Tanya with questions. She is always available to talk and give advice.

Thank you Tanya!

Vitaliy S.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/05/2013 - elf1974
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $825K in Outer Parkside, San Francisco, CA.
All of these reviews are true! Tanya is absolutely amazing and the best partner you could ask for in buying a home in SF. I had spoken with a few other agents that I found through friends' referrals. They were flaky and once they knew my price range I felt they weren't very interested in working with me. I decided to go to Yelp and find the top-rated agent (Tanya) and give it a try. I wasn't confident that she would want to work with me due to my price range, but she gave me 100% from the first minute we spoke. Tanya is passionate about her work and truly interested in every detail of every house she looks at. She has a great network of people in SF, and has a deep understanding of the market and the real estate business. Buying a house in SF is challenging and we were frustrated along the way, but Tanya kept moving us forward. Whenever we lost a bid, she quickly moved on to the next thing and kept a positive attitude. She was straightforward and gave us clear/ honest expectations and tons of education every step of the way. She was flexible and worked around our schedules. Tanya listened to what we liked/ disliked along the way, and eventually led us to our new home. I would recommend her to anyone. She also referred us to Phillip Cannon to help us with our mortgage. I would highly recommend him as well, especially the two of them as a team. They are both dedicated and will do whatever it takes to make the deal go through.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/19/2013 - daa1915
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $1.125M in Inner Parkside, San Francisco, CA.
My son was eager to buy a home but was too busy with his job to do all the legwork, so I offered to find a good agent and check out some houses for him to see. I immediately signed on to Yelp and searched for a "real estate agent in San Francisco." After reading through all of Tanya's sterling reviews, I felt certain she was the one. And boy, was I ever right!

I've never had a particularly high opinion of realtors, to be honest, but Tanya has made a believer out of me. She is smart, creative, knowledgeable, resourceful, dynamic, loyal, and absolutely committed to helping her client get the right house for the right price. I have purchased several homes in my life, and never have I been so well-served. Not even close.

Tanya knows the neighborhoods like the back of her hand, and she is quick to understand exactly what you want and need in a home. Anyone as successful as Tanya has a number of clients, yet she is so attentive and responsive that you feel as if you were her only one. Or at the very least, her favorite one. Why? Because she is available, proactive, and so on top of things that you keep patting yourself on the back for having chosen to work with her in the first place.

Tanya knows all the things a buyer should look for and look out for in a house, and she makes sure that everything is on the up and up. With her, you are in good hands, and you know it. You can ask her any question at all, and if she doesn't already know the answer (which is rare), you can bet she will find it out for you sooner than you think. What's more, she will explain it to you in a way you can understand. Having Tanya for your agent takes a lot of the guesswork and anxiety out of buying a house.

Did I mention how many contacts she has? And how she will miraculously get them lined up for you right when you need them most? Or go to bat for you personally when something goes wrong? Having Tanya on your side (and boy, she is totally and completely on your side) is like having a whole battalion back you up. I don't know how she does it, but she does it...and I'm pretty sure she almost singlehandedly put a stop to some shenanigans that were underfoot in regard to my son's loan approval. Tanya made sure he ended up with the deal he was promised, and she spared no time, effort, or chutzpah to make that happen.

Best of all, Tanya manages to accomplish these wonders and still remain one of the most likable people you'll ever meet. She cares about you as an individual, and she shows that caring in everything she does...from never trying to talk you into something that might not work for you, to quickly finding new homes for you to look at when the outcome of a bid is not in your favor, to making sure you have everything her expertise can bring to bear going for you when you make the next bid. She is encouraging, insightful, honest, and thorough. And she knows her stuff.

Needless to say, we think she's great. The very best. And we thank you, Tanya, for standing by Ryan when the going got tough and making sure he got the house he wanted with the loan he was promised. We think you are the best real estate agent ever, and we have come to think of you as a friend. In fact, we hope our association with you will continue for many years to come.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/15/2013 - thelowkey
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $675K in South San Francisco, CA.
Tanya represented my wife and me in our search for our first home and helped us find the perfect one during a crazy sellers' market. Here's how she did it:

1. She was upfront and honest about everything. Sometimes we didn't like what we heard, but in the end we greatly appreciated her honesty because it prevented false hope and misinformation.

2. She was very knowledgeable of the housing market and she took the time to share her knowledge with us. After learning about where the market was coming from and where it was going, we were able to make more informed decisions on a variety of things.

3. She was extremely flexible with her schedule and she always tried to accomodate our schedules, despite the fact that we were generally only able to meet with her in the evening on weekdays.

4. She is reputable in the real estate world and has an excellent selection of professional contacts who were able to accomodate and respond to our needs on short notice.

5. She prepared our offers quickly and she always followed the offer submission requirements to help us be considered during the selection process.

6. She always responded to our questions promptly and in great detail and she also provided timely updates on everything that was happening at all times.

In addition to helping us find our first home, she was also able to get us a credit towards our closing costs and she saved our sale from falling through when there was an appraisal issue by renegotiating the purchase price to something both the seller and we were happy with.

Tanya isn't just another Realtor who is simply looking to make a commission off of you. She's a Realtor who genuinely cares for what you want and tries her hardest to make you happy. If you want someone who has your best interest in mind during your search for a home, you should choose Tanya for your Realtor needs. You will not be disappointed.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/12/2013 - danamtretail
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $950K in Mission, San Francisco, CA.
Tanya is AMAZING. This was my first experience buying a home, and it could have been totally overwhelming. The San Francisco market can be tough, but we had a great experience.

There were so many components to how hard Tanya worked to get us into a good place, but here's the highlight reel for you:

-She cares first and foremost about finding you a spot you love, and that's her major agenda. Nothing hidden, no games. -She is aggressive when it helps her clients, but very respectful and patient when it matters most. She tolerated a lot of changing criteria from us with grace and kindness. It was very much appreciated, as we were totally green and a little skittish. -She can find little tiny imperfections with a property that other agents miss, and every time she spotted one, it turned out to be a total deal-breaker. She noticed little inconsistencies in paperwork, or a little spot on a garage floor here or there, and checked them out so we didn't have to. It's great to have someone else worry about those thing for you. -She has a great eye for value. We wanted to make sure our purchase would not only be somewhere we'd be happy, but also a good investment. She made sure we made a good, sound decision, and was very honest about what options we might have in the future. -She has a ton of connections and will not hesitate to call in one of the many contractors, inspectors, or city officials if it will help her clients with a property. This ended up making a huge difference for us, more than once. -She has a ton of integrity. This is the biggest thing for me, and I was consistently impressed by how honest and direct she is.

Overall, Tanya took amazing care of us. We stayed late at the office some nights, and she was incredibly flexible about showing properties in the evenings, or early in the morning. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and have nothing but gratitude for how smoothly everything went for us.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/11/2013 - JPSloan1
Bought a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $775K in Mission, San Francisco, CA.
Tanya was an excellent partner in my recent real estate search. It was my first home purchase in the crazy San Francisco market, and she did an excellent job sharing her experience in this market. She listened to my perspectives on what I was looking for, helped me prioritize, managed my expectations, was very responsive to my questions and concerns. She was very strategic about locating properties, assessing sellers' desires, and crafting offers that would be appealing. Once I had a contract, she remained attentive and detail oriented - ensuring that the escrow period proceeded smoothly, despite my extensive travel during a portion of it.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/11/2013 - Chuckster0
Bought a home in 2012.
This is exactly what you need to know about Tanya: 1. She will find you your dream house! 2. She will always tell you the truth no matter what! 3. She always has a positive attitude and will always fight for the interest of her clients! 4. She has more connections in San Francisco than the Mayor! 5. She will always make time for your questions or concerns. 6. She LOVES her job!

Tanya helped me buy my first home. Before I began my search, I had little to no experience and knowledge in real estate. She not only found me exactly what I was looking for, but educated me during the whole home purchasing process. I never learned so much important information in such a short period of time (she is better than a university course). She was always available to talk to and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way when buying my place. What can I say, Tanya is AMAZING!! If I could give her a trillion stars I would, because she deserves every one of them. She was absolutely brilliant when it came to finding my first home. She is now a friend and my lifelong agent.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/10/2013 - beth mchugh
Bought a Condo home in 2013 for approximately $1.45M in Inner Sunset, San Francisco, CA.
Tanya truly is amazing! She works tirelessly for her clients and is always responsive. She really knows San Francisco real estate and knows how to advise buyers to compete in this difficult market. She advocated for us during the whole process which was instrumental in our successfully buying the home we wanted in a multiple offer situation. Use Tanya if you want to have a advantage.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/08/2013 - user358627
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $1.325M in Golden Gate Heights, San Francisco, CA.
I cannot recommend Tanya Dzhibrailova highly enough. She is one of the most dedicated, attentive, knowledgeable and caring professionals that I have ever met. If you are looking for an agent who will work tirelessly for you day in and day out, Tanya is your choice! She works tirelessly in this crazy San Francisco market to find you the home that you really want in the location and at the price that works.

I worked with other agents in Marin as I was looking in San Francisco and Marin at the same time, before ultimately deciding to buy in SF. During this time, I interviewed, worked with, and ultimately fired several lazy agents as they were not even in the same league as what I had come to expect from Tanya.

I spent over 6 months working almost daily with Tanya to find the home of my dreams. During this exhausting time, Tanya was never late for one meeting, never skipped out on anything, was always by my side, and always asking the right questions and pointing out the tiny details that almost everyone else would have glossed over. She has contacts in every agency and all across the city, and her professional contacts and networking skills will go a long ways to making sure that you get into the home that is facing multiple bids. In such a competitive environment, you need a fantastic and amazing team and a pile of cash, and I would highly recommend Tanya if you want to find that perfect home.

A few additional notes: 1. Tanya knows architects, contractors, and as the wife of a contractor she has an amazing eye for detail. 2. Tanya knows the prices, locations, nooks, and crannies of the city very well. 3. Tanya did more than just find us a house to buy. She found us a house that was at a great value, she counseled us wisely into not buying certain properties that would have had limited resale options and less resale value. 4. Tanya was available and on the ball on every detail along the way. 5. Tanya knows how to position you, the buyer into a good place to make a winning bid in a highly competitive market!

I cannot recommend her highly enough.
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/07/2013 - MikeSFCA
Sold a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $250K in Berkeley, CA.
Now that the dust has settled, I want to thank Tanya so much for all her hard work. It is always a real pleasure to work with a true professional. Tanya was top-notch in managing a tight schedule, and making sure that all the pieces fall into place and deal is closed. The details, the paperwork and the legalities were unbelievable, yet you had everything so well organized that it all flowed along smoothly.

If only all realtors were like Tanya. She is bright, experienced and well-versed in the many ins and outs of the real estate business. Her handling of matters was expert from beginning to end and making the escrow process as smooth as possible. Above all, Tanya is a genuinely kind and sympathetic person who listens to and cares about her clients. This trait, I realized, is deceptively important in a realtor since dealing with real estate can be very challenging. Having Tanya's unique combination of expertise, energy and all-around kindness was more than I could have hoped for. I wish Tanya a continued success and I would recommend Tanya most enthusiastically to anyone buying or selling a home.
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