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Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor (7 years experience)


Consulting, Commercial R.E., Property Management, Mortgage Planning

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SIFF is a unique blend of financial planning and real estate investment services. We are a third party, real estate investment advisory firm. We are the link between you and other real estate professionals such as (realtors, mortgage brokers, property managers, etc).
Using an independent advisor like SIFF helps maximize your investment returns by re-inventing the playing field to ensure you receive the very best service, pricing and investment options available. Everyone purchasing & selling real estate should use our services!

SIFF's services include Investment Consulting, Purchasing, Selling, Financing, 1031 Exchanges and Asset Management.
We can help develop a complete investment plan around your current, income, assets, liabilities, resources and objectives while considering your tolerance for risk.
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Brad Taylor
Director of Asset Management

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