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Tony Baroni wrote:

how is the prices on insurance for valrico?

I assume you are speaking of homeowner's insurance concerning a home.  If so, most of Valrico is not in a flood zone generally so that helps with homeowner's insurance.  Another factor is the age of the home and much more.  Also, you can not count on what the previous seller is paying as insurance companies will write only so many policies in a zip code.I would recommend you call a local homeowner's insurance person and they can give you a quote easily.  I hope this helps. 
August 08

How to sell the house by owner ?

If everyone could sell as a FSBO then they would, right?  As a Realtor, I always tell my potential sellers if they can sell it on their own then go ahead and if it does not work out then to call me.  I have found most sellers do not even want to attempt it if they have been in a real estate transaction in the past.  Experienced sellers understands the complexity of selling their home.  There are a few sellers I have met that have done it successfully on their own multiple times and if they can do it and if they feel it accomplishes their goals then more power to them.  The fact is 90% of homes are sold by Realtors now. We have a job for a reason and then again I could not imagine doing anything else but helping my sellers navigated through it all.   All I know is this...I always ask my clients if they want to go into real estate at closing and I have only had one take me up on the offer (Dennis on my team now).  I ask why and most say they would go crazy if they had to do this every day for a living. 
July 28

I would like to purchase a house in Valrico, that was foreclosured by Deutshe Bank.

All great information and not much to add to this.  Best advice is to look for a sign to go up as a bank will hire a Realtor to most likely list it. I know this is not the answer you want but I have tried many times to contact the asset manager before it hits the market with no success.Best of luck to you and if you need a Buyer's Agent in Valrico, FL it is our backyard and we would love to help you.  We are free of charge to use our services on the buying side.  Check out our Zillow reviews if you are considering hiring a Realtor.Thanks!Tony Baroni
April 30

Moving in Two months to FL (Brandon,Valrico area) How can I find a place to Rent from another state?

You will want to find someone that specializes in property management and showing rentals.  Many Realtors are only on the sales side of the business.  So you will need to specifically find someone in property management.   I hope this helps.Our team specializes in helping people to buy, sell and invest in real estate or would be glad to help.Thanks!Tony Baroni
March 04

do you have information on the Auctions?

Real Estate Auctions require inspections upfront.  Typically there is 1 period of time you can do inspections prior to bidding.  Therefore, you do not get to do inspections after you are awarded the bid of the home.  In fact, normally you will not have any more access to the house once you are awarded the bid and your earnest money deposit is placed.  There are many companies that run auctions online and in general.At times the title search is provided so it just depends on the auction.  In my professional opinion auctions are best for very experienced buyers that do not mind spending money upfront on inspections or has the construction experience to inspect the home theirselves.  Many times you are up against cash investors so if financing it makes it difficult to win the bid.
June 03 2013

How can I get Foreclosure Listings

The best way to get a list of foreclosures is to contact a local Realtor and they can send you a list from their local Multiple Listing Service.  Another great tool is the best website available for consumers in my opinion which is and some Realtor are subscribed on this website and can send you an invitation.  This allows you to change your search criteria, saves you time by only showing active listings, you can mark your favorites and make comments to your Realtor without picking up the phone, among many other things.  Therefore, contact a local Real Estate expert in your area.  A good way to search is through this website by reading reviews.  I hope this helps.Thanks!Tony Baroni
May 15 2013