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04/03/2013 - user8401297
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $300K in Winchester, CA.

This was our first home buying experience. We didn't know what to expect but Caroline helped us every step of the way. She met us at a moment's notice, always returned our calls and emails promptly, cheerfully submitted numerous offers on our behalf and kept us informed at all times. I couldn't have asked for a more responsive professional... Caroline is the best!!

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Response from Caroline on 04/04/2013

This market time, end of 2012 into 2013, is very hard on buyers- and their agents. We had to make numerous offers on homes, often not receiving the small courtesy of any response at all from the listing agent, and then over bidding and waiving appraisal value just to get an accepted offer. We finally got acceptance on an investor "fix & flip". Seller agreed upon repairs were not done well, or at all. The final condition at closing was shameful, as the pool and landscape maintenance had not been done in several weeks. It's hard as a broker to see such greed and bad attitude from a seller/investor towards his buyer, who has paid over appraisal value for a house where the seller/investor made many tens of thousands of dollars within a few weeks of ownership! I represented the buyers and they are happy to finally own a home they really like. The smile on her face when she got the key to her first home ever was a wonderful moment!



03/10/2013 - user6016380
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $125K in Hemet, CA.

First off, I generally don't write up reviews or complete surveys online from experiences... So this is an exception to the rule and should speak volumes to how appreciative I am for Caroline! My mom and I were searching for my perfect home in the Hemet/San Jacinto area.  The market was, and still is, a challenge, yet Caroline took me under her wing... Eager and positive that she could, and would, find the home I've been searching for. She is beyond exceptional!! Her knowledgable background is vast and her perseverance is remarkable! I had spoken to several other agents prior to coming across Caroline. They were the standard, friendly, typical agents we all come across. They all kind of blended in, but Caroline stood out. She was eager, upfront, extremely knowledgeable, and passionate. I immediately knew she would be the one I would select to take this journey with I knew I could trust her!! And never once, did she disappoint. Her objective was to find the home I described and wanted; not how much money she could make. Her heart is pure, and in times like today, that is a true blessing to find! Caroline is strong and firm, yet warm and genuine. Someone you would want to be in your corner during a market like today's.  After many, many home tours and real estate obstacles, Caroline has found the perfect home for my family and I!  I sit here, looking out the window from my perfect new home.... Immense feelings of gratitude and appreciation flow out. I can promise you this... Caroline is the BEST of the BEST! You will not be disappointed I feel so blessed and fortunate to have met and worked with her! She will be my forever Real Estate agent! Thank you Caroline for all of your hard work, consistent communication, personal sacrifice, and for making my family's dream a reality!!

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Response from Caroline on 03/12/2013

Meet Krystal, the daughter in the review 2 down, with the granddaughter and the grand dog. How wonderful to be appreciated for your efforts with words like these, from people like these! I can see Krystal with her Mum and Dad, daughter, and brothers, and of course the dog, in her new home and really nice backyard - enjoying being together as a family. The real estate business is really all about taking care of the best interests of clients, listening to them, and trying to fulfill their needs. The rewards can be amazing! Stories such as this one make everything I do make beautiful sense.



03/04/2013 - user9565152
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $175K in Temecula, CA.

Caroline is as good as they come. She is friendly, professional and helpful. Caroline has extensive credentials and vast knowledge of the Real-estate business. Caroline helped us sell our house in a timely manner. We were so impressed with Caroline, we asked her to help us find our new house. She was very patient with us, did not pressure us to make a decision. She made herself available all hours of the day and night, even on weekends. Caroline answered all of our questions and responded to all communications immediately. We love our new house. I would highly recommend Caroline!

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Response from Caroline on 03/07/2013

Kevin and Vanessa are a broker's dream clients! They are quick to respond when asked for anything, they know what they want, and Kevin in particular knows what he doesn't want! They show understanding, respect and appreciation for all that's been done and they follow through on everything the moment they're asked. They are a rare find and I think the world of both of them. We listed and sold their home in Temecula and inspite of the "Oh so slow" loan officer at Bank of America it eventually closed escrow four weeks behind schedule! We made a bid on a lovely stylish, large HUD home and the bid was successful. They will make it into a beautiful family home for them and Franceeska, who's just turned two. It was my pleasure to work for them and take care of their best interests. I give them 5 stars just for being who they are!



03/01/2013 - kadee67
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $125K in Hemet, CA.

Some months ago I began a quest to secure a home for my Granddaughter, Grand-dog and daughter. I was at a loss as to where to start, how to start and just about everything involved in purchasing a home. My daughter had spoken with Caroline almost a year earlier and recommended her. So our journey began…. We are so blessed that God brought Caroline to help us. Caroline is so knowledgeable, patient, persistent and confident that I was able to rest assured all was well. Without Caroline’s guidance I believe I would have had some sleepless nights and many frustrating days. There comes a time in this process that you are forced to trust. Caroline is worthy of that trust. Through prayer, patience and Caroline’s ever present readiness to answer questions, and explain what’s going on she found the perfect home. It has the yard I wanted for my granddaughter and grand dog, and it is on a quiet, safe street. The floor plan is absolutely perfect! Caroline worked diligently to find this home. She gave completely of herself and the monetary benefit to her was very minimal. My price range was at the very low end but it made no difference to her. I so highly recommend Caroline no matter what kind of property you wish to acquire. I know she will do everything in her power to find and help you obtain just what you want. I will be forever thankful for Caroline

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Response from Caroline on 03/05/2013

This transaction is the story of a mother's love for her daughter, grand daughter and grand -dog! What a privilidge for me to meet such special people with all the right family values. It took a lot of looking at dirty, cheap homes in bad areas or on busy streets and I just kept telling them "don't settle. We'll find the right one". With the help of a cooperative Realtor I found this home before it was listed. Lots of repairs were needed to make it right for the daughter, grand daughter, and yes... the grand -dog- it has a lovely fenced back yard with lots of trees! A new roof, all new paint and carpet and a massive clean up by the sellers, and then Krystal got the keys to a really perfect little home for her small family. This is how it should be, but in 26 years as a real estate broker - it was pure fun finding this home for them - and it is the right one! It's perfect for them, and it was so refreshing for me to know them and help them in their quest!



01/04/2013 - user037120
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $125K in Hemet, CA.

Caroline went well above and beyond what the normal agent would have done in my case. Quick scenario...I moved from So Cal to No Cal in 2008 believing my house was foreclosed. When I found out it wasn't and a squatter lived there paying the house taxes, I contacted Caroline to short sale my property. This process, due to lawyers, went on for about a year, but she did not waiver. She stuck with me, with constant contact, updating me at each turn. Once the squatters were removed, she personally contacted various businesses to have items in the house fixed or replaced. This included finding someone to come remove a hot tub from the back of the property. She coordinated all fees which were very reasonable. Caroline Collins was my savior with this property getting everything done before the end of the year which financially was a must for me. In my opinion, she is not like other agents. She truly has her client's best interests in mind. She is by far the best agent I have had the opportunity to work with.

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Response from Caroline on 04/03/2013

We had to deal with squatters, an unlawful detainer done wrong because the law office served the wrong person, and much more. We cleaned up and repaired to make the house FHA appraisal ready. On December 15th. 2012 we were faced with the lienholder's news that they were going to Trustee's Sale on this property Jan. 3rd. 2013. The Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Act was expiring Dec. 31st. 2012. We had to fund and close this sale before Dec 31st, 2012 or the seller could be liable for a large amount of taxes to the IRS and potential huge repayment of money to the lienholders. With a lot of stress and pressure, working as a small team of professionals going above and beyond - especially including the Escrow Officer, Nathalie Schmeiss at Hemet Escrow Company - it happened! We closed escrow on Dec. 27th. 2012. The seller was saved a huge potential financial loss, and the buyer got her new home! Everybody won!



10/20/2012 - jolofomo
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $200K in Hemet, CA.

This review is describing Caroline from our heart of hearts. My daughter found this marvelous Broker/Agent. On an internet search for a Christian agent in our area. God obviously directed her straight to Caroline Collins. Being a person of discernment. of course I had to check this person out . . as throughly . . as possible. Well, let me start with this (now long gone) advertisement: HONEY, STOP THE CAR. After checking all the credentials online, we felt comfortable. We interviewed Caroline n her husband, Marty n were well pleased with the interview. Having gathered more info from our interview, once again, I took this info back to the internet, sent emails n prayed. Prayer, of course, could have saved me from all this searching - but I am human. Anyway, VOILA! Everything I read n they said - checked out perfectly. The following day made the appointment to sign the contract. Although there has been some difficultly - Caroline has jumped over those hoops (while keeping me grounded) with courteous professionalism. She stands bold n sure dealing with the obstacles, while at the same time has the kindest, loving, caring, heart one could imagine. Writing reviews is not really my cup of tea, but in this case, it was a pure pleasure to share this info with you. If you have real estate to buy or sell, do yourself a favor, make Caroline Collins your first call, from our experience - you will be happy you did. Ray n JoAnne

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Response from Caroline on 10/22/2012

What a privilege to represent such a special couple in the sale of their home! In their 42+ years of marriage, Ray and JoAnne have fostered over 380 children and given their home, lives, time, money and love to help raise children who were desperately in need! I'm sad to see them move to Lubbock, Texas - but so glad to have known them!



10/12/2012 - user1681377
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $125K in Hemet, CA.

Caroline has been a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge of the market is extensive and with her years of experience she was able to find us the perfect home. We truly thank you Caroline for all of your patience. Thank you again Ted & Lorie

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01/21/2012 - Arielle DeGrasse
Bought a home in 2012.

Caroline is not only an amazing person but an equally as amazing agent! I have just closed on 35 acres with the help of Caroline and I could not have done it without her! She's extremely hands on walked the whole property with us and went above and beyond her duties as an agent, she did a ton of research on the property and provided more than the information we needed. We started this process by accident but I have ended with the property of my dreams and a great friend. She's the only agent I will ever use and my Uncle is currently using her to buy property of his own in the same area. Amazing agent! Can't say enough about her!

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Response from Caroline on 01/25/2012

Arielle, I'm so glad you are happy with the land you bought. I feel that we investigated everything we could during our due diligence period - land use and zoning with Riverside County, well sites- using the latest depth charge sounding technology, power hookup, and grading for your manufactured home - to the fullest extent possible with excellent professionals in each area of expertise. I feel comfortable that hopefully there should be no bad surprises! We'll ride off into the sunset on our horses from your property before too long! I'm thankfull to Zillow.com for bringing us all together! It was fun!



01/06/2012 - mdegrasse
Bought a home in 2012.

Caroline gave us the practical, level headed guidance that can only come from many years of representing clients in one of the biggest transactions of their lives. She understood with clarity what we wanted and also our concerns and counceled us on each property's benefits and potential drawbacks. Even after we found the right property Caroline drew upon her resource network and referred us to the right contacts. I cant say enough about her going above and beyond; thanks for everything Caroline. - Mike

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11/30/2011 - bonesmalone
Listed, but didn't sell my Single Family home in 2009 in Hemet, CA.

Caroline Collins is an excellent realtor. She promptly returns phone calls. She is responsive to potential buyers. Very informed, knows the Real Estate business inside and out. Fortunately, my husband found employment and we did not need to sell our home. I highly recommend Caroline Collins for her expertise and honesty. Joanie L.

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Response from Caroline on 01/26/2012

Here's a situation where I was very glad this property didn't sell! Kirk is a GM mechanic whose honesty got him fired from a local GM dealership- which has since gone out of business! He moved to Wyoming to find work and his wife was left behind caring for their property and working as a Nanny. They missed each other terribly and after 18 months apart they needed to make some changes. Joanie had been attempting a loan modification and seemed to be getting nowhere, getting very frustrated. I kept encouraging her to keep trying. After many months - her modification was approved - Kirk came home and they still live in the same house with a bunch of Joanie's "rescue" horses outside. They are very happy to be back together, in their home with much lower monthly payments, and now Kirk is working again in a new local GM dealership. This transaction ended the way it needed to for this special couple. I couldn't be happier for them!