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Written about Lisa Donatelli on 07/22/2011
Bought a home in 2011.

Today my wife and I pick up the keys to our new house!

Over the last twenty-five years of marriage we have purchased two homes and have even built one. So I would like to think that I have some experiences to draw from in purchasing a home. Each time we have purchased we have always felt that exhilaration and anticipation of stepping into a new home but only after going through a lot stress of searching, offers, loan applications, and a vast array of unexpected other things.

This time around my wife and I initially opted to forgo securing the services of having an agent represent us. This was because we had some rather unpleasant experiences where the agent we had used in past deals became entangled in bickering with the seller's agent placing us in the middle and at time jeopardizing our purchase. It actually occurred twice and left a foul taste in our mouths. We felt we were better off just dealing with the seller's agent. We were wrong! When we began this latest search we tried dealing with the agent who was listing a house. It became IMMEDIATELY apparent that these agents only had the best interests of the seller in mind, and probably rightfully so.

In the meantime my wife had been surfing Zillow looking at homes. We came upon a house listed by Lisa. When we went to view the house we immediately liked Lisa's POSITIVE attitude and demeanor. We decided that particular house did not fit our needs, but as soon as my wife and I got in our car to head home we both started talking about how great a realtor Lisa seemed like she would be. We decided right there and then that we needed her to represent us so we called her right away and asked her to work with us. It was probably the best decision I ever made in terms of buying a new home!

From day one Lisa has been one of the most professional, yet fun, agents I have ever worked with over the years. During this process of buying our home Lisa made it a point to be involved in every aspect whether it was dealing with our bank, title company, seller's agent, or whomever. She was there 100% representing OUR best interests. She helped walk us through making an initial offer that we thought would never be accepted, yet it was, without any changes! When there were a couple issues discovered in the home inspection it was Lisa who negotiated on our behalf and I was blown away that we ended up not having to pay basically for anything that needed done.

The bottom line is I was completely satisfied with having Lisa as our agent. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking at buying or selling a home. I cannot imagine anyone would work harder to help a person realize their dreams of getting a new home.

Thanks Lisa, we love you!

Tom & Brenda Koosed

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