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Indianapolis Native with extensive real estate leasing, management, sales and investment experience.  

Truly enjoy's working with clients that are located out of state and assisting them in getting their property in better shape than they are right now.

Having a team of professionals, from accounting support to rental applicant processing support, our team does an amazing job finding quality tenants, doing quality screening on the tenants and streamlining the process to make your investments produce cash.  

Locally raised by a business owner...understands service and honesty.
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- Highly likely to recommend
01/05/2012 - rsmithre
Property managed a home I own.
Outstanding service and quality for the money we pay his team. Team of professionals that helped me see the big picture.

Responded to my requests within 24 hours. Were able to start locating tenants within 24 hours of having ads up. They use more than 12 different websites to capture leads.

Their financials and the website they use allows me to see all my figures 24/7.

Thank you so much!!! Have a great 2012
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- Will never recommend
06/06/2012 - DerrickGardner2
Helped me rent a home.
Ryan Cadwell conducts his business of signing leases and background checks by using a service online. We saw one of his apartments on craigslist. We thought it was good value for the money. Me and my wife only asked for two things. The carpet to be changed and the window screens to be changed. They were in horrible condition. We signed a lease with the promise that he would change what he said he would. A few days before move in we tried to get a hold of him to get this done. He only responded by email and couldnt get him to do a walkthrough. He emailed us to offer $50 off rent until carpets were done. Besides putting the apt. back on craigslist for rent the day before move in, he did not keep his promise and denied that he said it. He kept our deposit and refuse to return it. Never moved in. Will never recommend.  MoreLess
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- Will never recommend
01/25/2012 - Sharris2006
Helped me rent a Multiple Occupancy home in Indianapolis, IN.
I have lived in my home since October 17th,2011. When I moved in I discovered that none of the outlets and ceiling lights were working. I told Mr. Cadwell several times and right before Thanksgiving he sent an electrician but only paid him to fix the bottom level of the house. I still have no working lights or outlets on the second floor of my home. I have to run extension cords upstairs so that I can utilize the second floor. My experience with Mr. Cadwell can only be described as UNPROFFESIONAL. When I spoke with him the first few times about the electrical work he cursed at me and was yelling at em as if I had done something wrong. He still has yet to call me back and get our home in working order.  MoreLess
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