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What is the 2 year forecast for Columbus and central Ohio? Will prices raise or fall?


This is impossible to answer directly but you can do some research here: and watch the trends.  Be careful of anyone who would give you a direct affirmation since, as previously stated, no one has a crystal ball and can know for sure what will happen.  I personally think Central Ohio has seen the bottom and from how busy I have been since January with buyers and sellers, I would say that we are starting our climb back up.  But what will happen next year?  I don't know!  I can only watch those housing reports and gauge from how often my phone rings!  Good luck to you! 

How do I find foreclosed homes in my neighborhood?


No need to go to a bunch of sites or pay for this information.  If you would like to know about foreclosures in a certain area as soon as they hit the market, call me.  I have a tool that can let you know, via email, as soon as they are available for sale.  It's free and it puts you right at the forefront of listings.  

How do I change the listing price?


Once you are logged in you can click on MY ZILLOW at the top right of your scrren then select LISTINGS.  Allof your listings will come up and you can click edit.  It looks greyed out, but go ahead and click it.  There you will be able to update everything and add pictures.

I am clueless!


Michelle, Talk to a lender!  If you are not ready to purchase yet, a reputable lender will be able to tell you that and what you need to work on to get there!  Many even have programs that you can follow to become "approvable" in 12-18 months.  Even though guidlines are stricter these days, there are still great programs out there to help you get to the approval stage.Good Luck!