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Does anyone have feedback on Sooner Traditions home builders in Edmond, OK?


Shirleymc1, When they painted the shutters on the front of our house they did it AFTER hanging them! They sprayed the cracks between the boards are now black (meaning they spray painted the brick). Now we want to change the shutters and the brick has lovely 6' black stripes. The back patio had to be totally ripped out and poured again, ST would not do anything except pay a measly $400 towards some of the concrete. All labor was provided by us to rip out and replace. The brick cracks are due to the "normal settling" we are told even though we were absolutely diligent in watering around the foundation through all dry weather. There is no pride in their work. They don't hold any of their subcontractors liable for sloppy work. That's why the subcontractors keep doing it. And as for hiring the local plumber and voiding the warranty as you stated, well, you're just supposed to have a leak and wait months and months for them to fix it with "their" people. In the meantime you get water damage! That's likenhaving your a/c go out during warranty in 100 degree weather and waiting on "their" people to fix it. And another thing, we were told a TRANE a/c unit was being installed in our house (that was one of the selling points). Thats not what they installed but we had signed a contract and if you read the contract, holding up closing on the house can be a reason for them to void contract. So you're at their mercy because you need to move into your house! They can prolong the building phase but YOU cannot prolong the closing phase.

Does anyone have feedback on Sooner Traditions home builders in Edmond, OK?


We purchased a home in January 2012 built by Sooner Traditions. Within 30 days the concrete started cracking on the back porch. Within two months it had split the patio in half. Sooner Traditions said they had to patch it first. It has been almost a year now and the patio has not been replaced. The patch was a joke. This is not the only issue with the home. ST loves to "patch" things. Where I am from (a small town outside OKC), if someone provides a service/labor that is NOT acceptable, that contractor/subcontractor is responsible for the warranty on their work. I just do not understand what is holding ST back from contacting their subcontractors and saying they're not happy with the work. Period. But instead you have to jump through hoops with ST, where your work order is passed around for months. All my daughter wanted was a maintenance-free home. Instead she has cracked sinks, bumps in the walls, cracked concrete, breakers that blow when she vacuums, light fixtures that are not centered (that, according to ST is WITHIN tolerance). Watch out when you do your walk-through. They love the word "within tolerance". Read your contract carefully. If you hold up ANYTHING on your walk-through it can void your contract with them. We have reported the issues once again, and have once again been told that they need to look through the paperwork.  We are on month 11 on our warranty. I will post again when/if this is resolved.