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I am looking to rent in nyc how do I get in touch with someone


Experience of my son and daughter-in-law...You can find realtors that specialize in rental apts.  The downside is that you have to pay them a YEAR'S rent as commission.  Best to do it by word of mouth and sheer legwork once you establish the area you want to live in.  It is not easy and you'll probably see horrendously dirty places many, many times before you find one acceptable...even with the help of a realtor.  Good luck!


We would like to downsize from our present 4500 sf home to one about 3000 sf.  There is no affordable land in our area and we feel our only option to get a home we want that is not 60+ yrs old is to buy a tear-down and rebuild on that lot.  Can you help us see the pros and cons of such an undertaking?  We would have about $1.5 to work with (this is a high cost area) and time is not an issue right now.

Tear down and rebuild

We live in an area where there is no affordable land to build a new home.  We feel our only option is to tear down an old house and build a new one on that site if we want to stay in the same zipcode, and we do.  Can you help me see the pros and cons of such an endeavor? Our present home is about 4500 sf and valued at about $1.5.  It is ridiculous to think we can't find something smaller, on a smaller lot than our present 1/2 acre for the same cost, but that is the case in this area.