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Written about Doreen Horowitz on 02/26/2013
Helped me rent a home.

This was my first time in the SF market, which is a bit daunting. Doreen "got" exactly what I wanted (and, separately, what I needed) really quickly, maybe better than I understood it! She helped me really understand the market and what was available, all the pros and cons of what I was thinking about, and it made the viewing and decision parts surprisingly easy.

More importantly, Doreen proactively got me through the process, compliance and managing the risks - most of which I would never know I had to think about. There wasn't a single moving part that Doreen didn't keep humming along smoothly and on time.

But best of all are Doreen's ASTONISHING negotiation skills - like nothing I've ever seen.

Thanks Doreen, I never knew the San Francisco real estate market experience could be so well managed and frankly such a pleasure. Your personality and humor were the icing on the cake. Looking forward to working with you again some day!!

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