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Written about Nadine Deason on 05/30/2013
Sold a home in 2011.

We have worked with Nadine on 3 separate projects beginning in 2004 when we relocated to the Denver, NC area. We were looking for a townhome and Nadine pointed use to new townhome construction in Denver. We purchased a unit that we loved and fit our needs perfectly for 5 years.

In 2010, we contacted Nadine about finding a larger home for the long term. She showed us several neighborhoods that we asked to see, but she encouraged us to look at the patio homes in Verdict Ridge. We loved what she showed us and we had a home built and moved into it in 2011. Nadine worked with us closely on all selections and upgrades that would be best for the long term Two years later we can say that we don't regret a single choice. The neighborhood in great, and we love our selections and upgrades. Nadine was such a great resource for us.

We listed the townhouse in 2010 while the new home was under construction. We followed Nadine's recos re: staging, improvements, etc to the letter. We were thrilled that the townhome sold and closed 2 weeks after we moved into our new home. We actually made money on the transaction during a very tough time for the market.

Nadine knows the Lake Norman market better than anyone, and she truly had our best long term interests in mind. We appreciate that she was not afraid to tell us the truth, even if we liked something. I highly recommend Nadine to anyone looking for a home that will fit their needs. She is a consumate professional and wants more than anything for her clients to be satisfied.

We l

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