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greg hedger wrote:

API return parameters as appplicable for Home Energy
Zillow's APIs are excellent - comprehensive and with wide coverage.As you're doubtless aware, energy conservation is foremost on many minds these days. Three home metrics that have a DRASTIC impact on home energy usage are A) story height; B) heat type; and C) year built.My question is this:  When can we expect to see these returned in the API result sets?Sincerely,Greg Hedger
February 18 2013

DeepSearchResults API - need story height of home

Never mind.  It isn't possible because of legal restrictions (broker listed properties).  Zillow is still immensely valuable, though, on account of its up-to-date property valuation.
October 25 2012
DeepSearchResults API - need story height of home
I need to get the story height of the home in addition to the other information returned by DeepSearchResults.  Can this be added to the API, or is there another that I missed that returns it?  Thx
October 24 2012
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