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How do I settle my nerves during the underwriting process

We have been pre-approved( not prequalified) and the offer has been accepted and signed. We go to fill out the loan papers tonight but our lender said the loan process has already begun. We were given a close date of 10/31.....I'm still so nervous. I'm nervous that the appraisel will come in low or that our loan will be denied. I'm losing sleep and just a ball of nerves. We have to give the place we are at now notice that we are leaving but I'm so afraid that our dream home will be taken away. Is this normal?? Anyone have some positive thoughts for me??

Where do I start when looking for a mortgage lender.

My husband has a low credit score but we have been improving it. We want to wait another 6 months before officially applying so we can improve and also put away more money. Will a lender have a meeting with us and tell us what needs to be done to make sure we have the best chances at good rates when we are ready