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Written about Chris Adams on 11/12/2013
Sold a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $275K in Fulton, Minneapolis, MN.

Chris is a very detailed, process oriented realtor. He is very straight forward and works from local comps and property history to guide both pricing an offers.

Chris helped us sell our townhome as well as helped us find a home to buy and remodel. As we were looking at homes to buy, we found a home that had been remodeled and he researched to find out who the contractor was that did the job.

Chris worked with both the contractor and us as we were looking for the perfect home to remodel. We found a great house but we ran into a contractor who put up cash to flip the house and lost that one. But we were ready for the next one and so was Chris.

A block from the one we lost, another came on the market. We drove by it immediately and our contractor drove by it to give the outside a look. The first availability to see it was at 11 am the next day. Chris contacted the realtor to see how fast the homeowner could decide. We saw the house at 11 am with at least 30 realtors having walked through it, we put an offer in at 1 pm and after some back forth, finalized the purchase at 4 pm the same day.

We wouldn't have been able to find the contractor and get our deal done without Chris. One great advantage with Chris is he uses almost all electronic documents to make things faster and easier.

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