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Do listing agents lie and say there are multiple offers when there are not?


Tap012, while it doesn't happen a lot, it does sometimes happen in areas where there are a lot of foreclosures or short sales.  Sometimes there can be as many as 10+ offers within 24 hours, if the price is low and the house is in good condition.  However, I don't know your agent, and would never try to determine if another agent was using a ploy to get you to raise the offer price.  This would be a disaster if the agent was proven to be lying or stretching the truth.  I'm sure there are those that lie and those that don't, but it's a risky practice, at best, and not fair to those of us who practice real estate honestly, and for the benefit of our buyers and sellers.If you really want the house, bring your highest and best offer to the table, and if it's meant to be, then you'll get the house.  Banks can be difficult to deal with, and can change their minds at any time.  Not for the faint of heart!  My best advise is "don't marry the house" before you sign the final paperwork!  Good luck!