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pay attention,promote internet


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why no direct links to appraisal firms?


Zilliow is becoming an industry standard. I was in Florida buying and it is very well liked a used as a reference. Thanks for the link. This should be easier to click on this site . Eventually the appraiser's will be obsolete. As will Realtors. They provide no real services that deserves such high cost. Most just list and lower price. Zillow does this free. The land safe appraisals company now owed by bank of america is a shame anyway. This entire industry will adapt as soon as this generation dies off. Things are changing faster than ever.

why no direct links to appraisal firms?

i tried to link for an appraisal but could not. This would help me find the true market values. I just lowered my price 30,ooo dollars with the MLS to keep up to date with this Zillow site and it went down further. It as gone from 262,000 to 226,000 in 60 days. This is my money you are giving away. 

i went threw and checked a few of the proprieties foreclosure sale in my area.Bad data.corrections?

how do i submit accurate data to this site. most of what they have used as comps. are false or incorrect information. I have been trying to get the local realities to use this site but with all these errors how? Sense i have been involved with this site my value dropped about 20% in under 90 days. this after a 30% drop with the normal industry correction. This can not be correct. Not one home has been used as what my home comps against. The last three appraisers have had to go out five miles. yes, i have parked licence and have owned a realty company. i rely on Zillow for accurate data.