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Can I really use an automated process as the on-line finance companies seem to be?
I am 66 yrs old, single & retired.  I have assets of almost $2 mil, income of around $110k and an 800 credit rating.  I am wanting to refi my home of 22 yrs wrapping in my home equity line.  I have 20+% equity in my $240k home.  But my income is from 3 commercial properties I own, 2 billboards, Soc Sec and stock. My home is in a very mixed city neighborhood and requires an in-home appraisal.  This all means my situation is not a cookie cutter process.  Can I use an on-line finance company or do I need to stick to a local face-to-face institution?  On-line has better rates. 
September 12 2013