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is it normal property management ??


We prorate the rent on move out. Plus tenant or landlord must give written notice to terminate tenancy and tenant is responsible for rent if breaking a lease or until move out notice date.  Breaking a lease we charge only until re rented because we ethically obligated to mitigate the loss.  After 18 months there is going to be some wear and tear on the house.  We allow interior paint to have a life of 5 years.  If it really needed new paint the tenant would be responsible for the remaining life in this case 3.5 years of the cost of the new paint job.  Same thing goes for carpet - prorate the remaining life and charge the tenant.  The refrigerator - you really can't charge the prior tenant for a new refrigerator!  But you should call appliance repair company and replace broken parts and charge the tenant for the actual damage!   In California you must be a licensed Real Estate Broker to manage rental property.  A Realtor is a professional organization that some licensed agents belong to.  We manage rental homes in Contra Costa County.Beth Winters, BRE Broker, CEO, Property Managers, Inc.Realtor member