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What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-YVTSVTT?
I am looking at purchasing a home for back taxes.  I have approximately 7500 in debt I would like to incorporate into the loan, if possible.  Plus another $5,000 to get the home in shape to move in and do the work as I can afford it.  My credit score is around 650.  I use to have excellent credit but after 20 years married to my ex-husband, I cleaned up his cred and then he could borrow and it brought mine down, unfortunately.  We had to file bankruptch in 2000 and the house was forclosed on in 2006 and sold at sheriff's sale in 2008, with the sale covering the mortgages. I will probably get the house for a few thousand dollars or less.  I would not have to combined my other debt but it would be nice to have just one payment and not own anyone else.  I do have a capital one credit card so you probably have my credit history.  I also know that my credit history is not accurate because I have been told it shows an open foreclosure and unpaid balanced on the house, which is not right.It is in the Waverly District, which is the historic area of Enid.  They want it to go to someone who will not tear it down or change the appearance.  I would be restoring it to as much as oroginal that I could, starting with the outside first.  I would then restore it to it's original inside.  I have a friend who is president of the Waverly District who can help me with the restoration.Can you give me some feedback?
August 22 2013