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Loan modification and "stripping a 2nd mortgage" question

Hello! My husband & i filed for ch 7 bankruptcy without 1st and 2nd mortgage reaafirmation and was recently discharged. Our house in WA is now in process for foreclosure with auction date set for November. We really want to keep the house so we can come back to it but we're almost 1 1/2 year behind mortgage (husband & family was transferred to CA (military) & we're paying rent here). My questions are: 1) what are our chances of getting approve for loan modification if we have ch 7 bankruptcy record? 2) will loan modification request stop foreclosure process 3) does "stripping a second mortgage applies in WA. When i did my research, i found that in other states, there is a law that homeowner can "strip" or remove lien from the second mortgage if the value of the house is lower than the balance of the first mortgage that the second mortgage has no equity in the house which is my case. Thank you for any advice!