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Can I change a real estate agent after the offer is being accepted?

Hi, i was just threatened by my real estate agent that he won't help me get any documents i need unless i use the attorney and home inspector he recommended. I found out that the attorney he recommended was found guilty for professional misconduct. And she failed to return my calls for 2 days. Now that i'm using my own attorney, the agent got mad and refuse to do anything for me. Will i be able to find another agent and submit the exact same offer again?Many thanks!

Can an owner sell during the condominium conversion process?

a town house in somerville is still currently in the process of condo conversion, but the owner has listed the property for sale. If i give an offer, am i buying a town house or a condo? If the owner is selling it as a condo, how can he sell something that isn't true yet (since it hasn't been successfully converted yet)? What if the condo conversion application didn't go through? Is selling the property before the conversion process is completed even legal?Thanks!!

How to obtain a mortgage before the start of a new job.

Hi~I need help in getting a 30 year fixed mortgage of 420K before my new job starts. I will be putting 20% down. Currently, i earn 35k but will be starting a new job in September 10th with 115k. I have already taken a sign up bonus of 15K from the new employee, so there is no doubt that i will be starting the new job in september.Everyone i've talked to so far say i won't be able to close until my new job starts, but is there any chance for a closing around the end of july / early august? Any contacts i could talk to?Thanks!!