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Current Zillow Valuation?


We are neighbors! I'm on walters too. How updated is your is your kitchen and bathroom? Kati Spaniak [contact information deleted by Zillow moderator. Please see our Good Neighbor Policy for posting guidelines]

Is your high school is New Trier?


Since this post was generated over four years ago, I hope you found your answer! But I thought that I would post this for those who are still wondering about this question.Interestingly enough, there are a few homes that are in Northbrook that fall into the New Trier school district. Those homes are mainly on Voltz Road and just west of Sunset Ridge Road ($1 million + homes)Also, there are a few homes that butt up to Northfield that are still in Northbrook that fall into the New Trier school district. If you are looking for something affordable in Northbrook that is in that district, then, there are homes available there.The question you may be asking is, "Why would I want to live in Northbrook and go to New Trier?" The answer is that because Northbrook has some great village amenities that Northfield doesn't have. For example, the Park District in Northbrook is outstanding. You would have access to Meadowhill Pool in the summer as a resident. In addition, the Northbrook Public Library has to be one of the best on the North Shore.Northfield has its own terrific qualities and is a great town to live in. But if you are looking for amenities, and still want to attend New Trier, then, there are homes that are available on a limited basis in Northbrook. Kati--Kati Spaniak[contact information removed by Zillow moderator]

School Districts in Northbrook


Hi, JudiI know that you posted this last year, so I am curious if you have actually moved yet and whether or not you actually chose Northbrook. I focus specifically on Northbrook, and the topic of the referendum was extremely hot, and there were many people who wanted to move out of the district because of the fact that the referendum was shot down. However, this past March, a new referendum that was placed on the ballot passed! 31 is a great district in Northbrook as are all of the districts in Northbrook. (but what real estate agent doesn't say that about their school district?)Actually, I grew up in Northbrook, and I am a product of the public school system. I went to Glenbrook North as well and now I'm back.There are many, many people who I grew up with who have moved back to this area. That, I think, is indicative of the love that the people have for this town. Sorry for the long overdue answer, but I hope at least someone will be able to garner some information from this post. Good luck!!Kati--Kati Spaniak          Real Estate BrokerCAPTURING THE LION'S SHARE OF THE NORTHBROOK MARKET[contact information removed by Zillow moderator]