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Written about Roman Mena on 06/20/2012
Bought a Condo home in 2012 for approximately $250K in Mar Vista, Los Angeles, CA.

At minimum any agent worth their license should be nice, easy to work with, knowledgeable about the area and help close on time. Roman however far exceeded that and here are only a few examples as to why: At my first meeting with Roman, he gave me a very sobering assessment of what I could and could not do with my budget. He expressed that things were going to be challenging. However, Roman’s conversation was focused on describing the gems that could be found in my desired area. It was just a matter of moving quickly. This positivity in the face of my limited budget was refreshing to hear. And we did find some gems. I made offers on a few but ultimately, my offers were beaten by all cash. Nevertheless, Roman never let me get discouraged. In one instance, I made an offer on a short sale and it seemed the seller’s agent wanted to represent the buyer as well as the seller (which I understand is a frowned-upon practice). Roman graciously offered to step aside just so I could have a shot at the property – and this was after months and months of working with me. I informed Roman that unfortunately for him, he was stuck with me until I found something. Finally I did. It was even outside of my primary area but because Roman grew up in LA he probably had more knowledge about the neighborhood than some transplant who only sold properties there. After my offer was accepted, Roman helped me manage all of the moving parts (lender, selling agent, escrow, insurance agent etc.) and explained everything along the way. My escrow was 30 days to the day and was about as stressful as a stroll through the park.

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