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Why hasn't my zestimate been updated on your site?


I do appreciate your answer, however, a huge responsibility remains in your hands concerning the properties of many who trust you. I would think in building a reputation, one built on trust, accuracy [as close as possible] would be most beneficial to your reputation. Perhaps the zestimate is not monitored closely enough and could be deleted from your services, because of decrepencies and inaccuracy?Sincerely,Michele Johnson

Why hasn't my zestimate been updated on your site?

You sent me a notice that my zestimate had increased and with the increased value. However, on your site it remains the incorrect zestimate value.Here are two homes that have sold within .11mi of my home.6 Legacy Lane $248K, 24 Legacy Lane $247K. My home 27 Legacy lane is more sq footage, than these two. Who is maping your information?Michele Johnson #01197308