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Michael Kenney
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 I am a Residential Mortgage Lender with 23 years of knowledge in South Jersey Real Estate Lending. I got into the Business because when my wife and I purchased our first home in 1990 the Mortgage "Professional" we used was 2 hours late for the application, never answered our phone calls and had us in the wrong product. I knew I could out-perform  and bring old fashion customer service to this field and excel. I did just that. My reputation with South Jersey REALTORS and buyers is second to none. I am with my buyers every step of the way. Buying a home is probably the biggest investment and purchase someone will make in their lifetime I am with them from start to finish.
I prefer to take the application in person and fully educate the buyer and make sure they are comfortable with the mortgage process. I will attend the settlement with them as well. I have only missed one closing in my career due to the birth of my Twin Boys. The buyers knew my kids were going to be born that day; Moreover, they also knew that I would still try to attend closing so they told me if I showed up they wouldn't sign.
 With today's lending requirements and recent legislation it is my goal to make everyone I work with knowledgeable, comfortable and at ease with the buying process. This should not be a stressful time but a joyful time. It is simply all about communication and being there for people to share my expertise and guide them properly.
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03/13/2014 - murphbroph
Was pre-approved. Highland Park, Brooklawn, NJ 08030
He helped us quickly. Told us the truth and not just what we wanted to hear. Gave us several options as well. Other lenders seemed disinterested whereas Mike seemed like he really cared about our first home purchase and that we were educated properly in how the finaincial transaction would flow.
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