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Why are the signs posted on Simms street, when there is already VERY little parking. This is B.S!!


The parking ban was initiated and enforced by the CITY, not the HOA. A few years ago, there was an emergency in the middle of the subdivision and a fire truck could not enter and make the turns without hitting several cars. The city did a traffic study and THEY decided to make parking only available on one side of the street. Clean out your garage and you will have ample parking.

Anyone have Info on HomeTown Aurora?


Lol the parking ban on one side of the street was enforced by the CITY, not the subdivision. Park in your garage and your car won't get broken into. Clean out your garage and you won't have to park far away from your home. I have lived here 9 years now and have NEVER had a problem and most people I know have not had any issues. We have security in the neighborhood, which has made the few issues I've heard about MUCH better. Aurora Police Department does NOT hate our neighborhood. We have our own personal liason that helps us any time we need it. I'm assuming you've never been to an HOA meeting either, to voice your concerns. I have FANTASTIC neighbors, who I adore! With an attitude like yours, it will never get better. Take your energy and DO SOMETHING to make our subdivision a better place so you are happy and not just complaining.