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Should I hire lawyer or agent for my condo purchase

Hello everyone,I'm an international buyer, I just moved to work in the United States (Los Angeles, CA) for four years. I've decided to buy a condo here as investment that I will resell when I'm done my work here.My question is: should a hire a lawyer to walk me through the buying process, sales taxes, property taxes, inspection, and any legal advice. ORinstead should I just use my agent and take her/his advice regarding taxes, and inspection...etc.Thank you very much.

Buying with cash? is there any advantages?

Hi I just moved recently to united states in California. I'm looking to buy a condo in irvine but since my stay in california is going to be about 4 years, I'm looking for it as an investment. I've no clue what the buying process in here? and also is there any advantage for me as a cash buyer? and is foreclosure a choice?your help is much appreciated.Thank you all.