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Should I hire lawyer or agent for my condo purchase
Hello everyone,I'm an international buyer, I just moved to work in the United States (Los Angeles, CA) for four years. I've decided to buy a condo here as investment that I will resell when I'm done my work here.My question is: should a hire a lawyer to walk me through the buying process, sales taxes, property taxes, inspection, and any legal advice. ORinstead should I just use my agent and take her/his advice regarding taxes, and inspection...etc.Thank you very much.
October 07 2013

Buying with cash? is there any advantages?

Thank you all for your very informative comments. Much appreciate it.
September 25 2013
Buying with cash? is there any advantages?
Hi I just moved recently to united states in California. I'm looking to buy a condo in irvine but since my stay in california is going to be about 4 years, I'm looking for it as an investment. I've no clue what the buying process in here? and also is there any advantage for me as a cash buyer? and is foreclosure a choice?your help is much appreciated.Thank you all.
September 23 2013