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Confused on what to offer and ask for closing?


Thanks for the follow-up!  I haven't seen any homes in this area.  My husband and I are planning on riding out in the neighborhood this evening.  I don't know if I feel comfortable offering this amount.  I feel I should offer lower expecting a counteroffer.  There has only been one owner of the home.  He purchased the home at $160,000, in 1998.  He placed the home on the market in August at $249,000, on October 25, lower to $239,000.  I'm just struggle on how to handle this matter.  I'm wondering if I should go lower on offer and ask for less closing?  Thanks

Confused on what to offer and ask for closing?

First time my husband and I will purchase a house together.  Located a home we love the asking cost is $239,000, Metro Atlanta.  What should we offer and asking for closing cost.  It was suggested $230,000 offer and $7,000 closing.  The house is appraising for $228,000 per the tax accessor.  The realtor is saying a house haven't sold in that neighbor hood in 2 years.  She states, she had to get the comps from surrounding neighborhoods.  It appears to be a lovely home - very well kept.  It's a corner home with the neighborhood marquise in the yard.  Please help, we are deseperate!