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My landlord is putting her house for sale.. I still have 4 months left on lease. What are my rights?


Thank you all for your responses! I've been living in this house for 3 years and had no idea she was wanting to sell or do a "short sale" for that matter. It's all a bit too much for my liking and with 2 children just starting school I'm becoming a little stressed out and upset. I'm going to do more research and continue to look into everything a little further. I really think the house will sell fast and I have a feeling whom ever buys it is not going to want to wait till Jan to move in. I'd be willing to bet she would rather sell the house then honor the lease and help me out. I'm not really in a situation to be able to hire an attorney but I am going to ask for everything in writing to try and save my families rear..

My landlord is putting her house for sale.. I still have 4 months left on lease. What are my rights?

I still have 4 months left on my lease and the landlord is putting her house on the market. I was just wondering what my rights were. The realtor is talking about the house having to be available to show 7 days a week when they first told me that I can pick certain days. Then he told me I would have to leave the house when it was being shown. This is all very intrusive and I feel like my privacy is being invaded. I'm to the point where I just want to break my lease and be as difficult as I can. If I were to break my lease It would not be okay so how is it right for her to break it? I would not get my deposit back if so but she said that if they broke it they would help me in anyway they could. But who is to say that they will?On my lease it says:Sale of Property: In the event the Landlords accepts an offer to purchase the building of which premises is a part, landlords may, upon 30 days advance written notice to tenant, terminate this rental agreement. BUT she wrote N/A through it! Please help!!!