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Will I be able to look at homes if planning to pay in cash from sale of current home?

Moving to a town about an hour away. My house is paid for and in my name but I have bad credit so won't qualify for a loan. I'm just getting started with the selling process (fsbo) but need to get started looking for a new place. I keep reading that I won't even be able to look at homes without a pre approval or a large sum of money in the bank, which I do not have. I am planning to pay cash for a new place with the money from the sale of my house. So my question is will I really not even be able to look for a new place until my house is sold? That would put myself or anyone in a pretty tight spot.. I'm in Southwest Louisiana, if that matters. Thanks.

House needs repairs. Don't have money to make them. Need out fast. House is paid for.


Yes, I know why it's bad. Long story. Things just went haywire after my divorce. I don't know much about how all this works because my parents bought my house for me with cash so I never had to go through a loan process. It is in my name though. So I'm wondering if this means I will be able to buy the next house with cash after I sell this one because it's paid for? If not, could I qualify for any kind of loan with bad credit though the house is paid off entirely? Bad credit or not, I figure a paid off house is a pretty big piece of collateral. Thanks for responding to me. 

House needs repairs. Don't have money to make them. Need out fast. House is paid for.

House is paid for and in my name entirely. But I have terrible credit. I simply cannot fix this place up to come close to breaking even. But the place is a good piece of property. Can I get rid of a semi fixer upper quickly without losing a ridiculous amount of money? And will I be able to get into another home fairly easily? I'm assuming because my house is paid for, it will make it easier to buy a new one if I sell this one.