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Written about Jeff Bowen on 06/13/2012
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Chelsea, MA

I have not actually worked with Jeffery Bowen, so he could be the best realtor in Boston. I only exchanged a few emails with him, the last of which was not of the caliber I would expect from someone with the ratings that he has. By the tone of his email, it seems that if you ask a question that he believes to be stupid, he will 1) not answer it and 2) be condescending and rude in the process. I was highly disappointed in his lack of professionalism.

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Response from Jeff on 06/19/2012

This person asked to seee properites and we had correspondence for over a week. Then this user tells me that she is interested to see one of my listings. Then tells me that she has her own Realtor. Then she calls me rude. This review is not based on any of the criteria given by zillow. Zillow asks for 1. Responsiveness - I respond within 5 minutes to all of my inquiries and never longer than 1 hour. 2. Local Knowledge. I have lived in Massachusetts and specifically East Boston and Chelsea for more than half of my 37 years on this earth. 3. Process Expertise. I have been involved in over 300+ transactions in 11+ years in the business. Negotiation Skills. I love to negotiate using market data and every transaction is different. I think reviews should be based on the criteria asked and people that we actually have worked with. - Jeffrey Bowen