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does anyone have advise on Lis Pendens liens

My son is trying to purchasing a home in a short sale. The bid was placed back in June, our real estate agent tried contacting the short sales negotiator several times always being put off with no information. On November 2nd in the late afternoon she received a message that the bid was accepted but we would need to close by November 12th or the house would go up for auction. Our real-estate lawyer filed to have the auction stopped on the 9th. The paper work was faxed to the law firm handling the auction before closing for the holiday weekend . We received an extension and all the loan processing , inspection and appraisal came in great. This week we receive a call that they did not stop the auction and the man that "bought" the home is telling our lawyer that he needs to drop the filing and he will resell my son the home at the same price so that he can make his quick money or he will tie up the property for years with a lis pendens lien. I feel that this was handled so poorly from the negotiator down. Can we do anything.