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Lets play "Can I get a loan"


because there is another twist i didnt want to get into... im currently contracted in mexico so the loan process would need to be done over the phone and email mainly, i could make 1 trip but thats about it. just thought it was easier to get several opinions here rather than call around on my broken skype connection.

Lets play "Can I get a loan"

Ok if I wanted a loan for 200-300k can I get it? My credit score is somewhere between 650-675 with 1 past delinquency that was a small amount and has been taken care of.  My main problem is my pay, I make the money but its in a strange way, for example in 2012 I made about 60k of taxable income but made another 60 of untaxable income(per diems). in 2011 I was unemployed, by choice actually. Here in 2013 I worked 6 months the same as 2012 and now took a new contract. Basically I had to create my own business and get it hired by a Canadian company while they work to get my canadian work visa approved. I make very similar money now as in 2012, a little more taxed money(86k per 12 months) and less untaxed money.My problem with this current job is i don't really have pay stubs, I just shoot my company an invoice and they wire money to my business account.I have plenty of savings but most is in illiquid investments but producing a 10-15% down payment wouldn't be an issue, i could also show roughly the same amount in an etrade account but the other illiquid investments are in a SDB so there isn't much to show.and to add i have about 6k in credit card bills(no interest) that is only for building credit, that is my only debt, i don't have a single other serious bill, not rent or a car payment.I know i make the money but will my odd situation complicate things too much? Sorry for the 100 typos, its late