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complain the cheating behavior of a seller agent and house owner

The previous owner built the shed without permission and they did not disclose the status of the shed on their listing. They informed us this issue right after all the contingency period expired and then they filed application but got disapproved. Although they signed the agreement that they would pay us $2000 if their application got denied, they are not willing to do that now. They did not tell the truth at the beginning and they did not even tell us the township's decision. From the control of all the timing, I would say they, seller/seller agent, did all these as they planned. I just would like to give them a lesson to be an honest person. What should we do? If I file a complaint in texas real estate consumer, which action will be taken.

complain the cheating behavior of the seller agent and previous house owner

 Recently we bought a house with a shed in an easement area. The shed was sold with the house. From the Covenant, the shed should not be built without the permission.We just know the rules after the house was closed.(1) The owner sold the house having shed without the permission(2)The seller agent didnt show any information or status about this shed in disclosure. (3)they didnt tell the truth that the violation status of the shed. They just told us they would apply for the permisson. And they promised that if the application failed, they will give us reinbursement about the shed because the cost of the shed has been included in the house price. The application failed to get permission from the township and the house owners refuse to give us the reinbursement.I just would like to give them a lesson to be an honest person, what should I do?

a house in the boundary of the faultline

We are going to buy a house and the house is almost close. Recently, we found the house is located close to the boundary of the faultline. Some houses in the neighborhood have  foundation problem. Someone doubted the problem is due to the houses is close to the faultline and such kind of assumption hasn't been confirmed. The house we bought is maintained very well and shows no foundation problem. My question is that will it have a negative effect on resale in the future if the house is close to the faultline? What should I do? Give up the house and have a loss of earnest money?