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Written about Jose Matthews on 07/18/2012
Bought a home in 2012.

Jose's work was an invaluable asset to me when trying to buy a home. He knows the local markets, knows houses in general, knows when a place is a good deal or a bad one, and is not afraid to speak his mind either way. He very quickly developed a sense of what I was looking for in a house, and pointed out things that were applicable to my criteria... in other words, he makes the process about you, and not about what he personally likes in a house. I was impressed with how much he remembered about me and my personal tastes, starting right after the first house we looked at.

Jose was also able to recommend some great people to help me with my home-buying process. The inspector he recommended did an outstanding and thorough job, and provided me with a great report! The attorney that Jose recommended went out of his way to help me close on my house late in the afternoon on July 3rd, the day before a holiday... when the mortgage company had given him THREE HOURS' notice!! The attorney knew I had been having a difficult time with my lender (who I chose on my own) and cleared his schedule in order to make it happen for me. You can feel very safe following Jose's recommendations when deciding who to work with.

Another strong suit of Jose's is his accessibility and his ability to share information with you and with the rest of your team. He answers voicemails, emails, and texts all in a very timely manner, and I don't think I ever waited more than a couple of hours for a response. Also, despite not having a heck of a lot to do after an agreement was signed between myself and the seller, he still initiated contact with me on a regular basis to check up on things. He also made sure the rest of the people working on the project (attorney, lender, seller) were all kept in the loop and up to date.

I was having a particularly difficult time getting the mortgage company to respond to my questions and move my file along, and Jose kept consistent pressure on them to provide me with the answers I needed and to move forward with my mortgage. He is not afraid to call something what it is, and when the lenders were not doing their job, he let them know in no uncertain terms that they were not doing right by me and that they needed to step up their game. Do not use Wells Fargo, by the way... based on my experience, you'd be better off using whoever Jose recommends to you!

All in all, I worked with Jose for more than 4 months, and was never less than completely satisfied with his work. He works with you to set up appointments that work, he tells it how it is, he answers all questions quickly and accurately, he knows great people to help you out with other parts of the process, and he's not afraid to go to bat for you if things are going south. Great experience!

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