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Short Sale


thank you all for your response...

Short Sale

Hi.  I am interested in buying a short sale property.  It took my agent a long time to even get the listing agent to answer her phone.  When she finally did, she was very short and rude.  She clearly did not want my agent to come and show the property.  My agent finally got me a showing.  When we went in to see it, the sellers were stripping the house apart.  Even with that, I was interested in investing on this property.  I asked my agent to get some details on it.  There are couple things that sounds a bit sketchy.  First, the listing agent wants me to sign a contract to use a loss mitigation service with an unauthorized (not licensed) person costing $10,000.  My agent also found out that one of the liens on the house was a so called "repair" done spring this year for $100,000 loan under the same person doing the loss mitigation service.  My agent politely asked the listing agent if it would be possible for us to use a "legal" loss mitigation services, but now, the listing agent informed my agent that the property is short sale pending.  In my state, I can still make an offer on a short sale pending property.  To make things worse, I have a feeling that all of them (listing agent, seller, mitigation personal) are in it together.  I am still interested in the property and want to know what I can do to make this work?