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Is it possible to get jumbo loan with only 10% down


Yes there is, I can assist you with this with a loan program of 80/10/10.80% First Loan10% Home Equity Line of Credit10% Down Payment.For more details, please click on my profile.Regards;

Are there jumbo loans available with 10% down? .


Hello,I have an investor that can do it with 15% down payment 80% first mortgage and 5% Home Equity Line of Credit with a minimum fico score of 720 and a max purchase price of $1,466,000.Please let me know if I can assist you on this or for any other questions by clicking on my profile link.Regards;

80-10-10 loans


I can assist you with this, please feel to contact me via my profile.Regards;

50% down on $1mm+ house, any lenders with low doc for high down payment?


Due to the ratios been off the required, and due to the modification of 2010 the best loan available will be a hard money loan up to 60% Loan To Value and rates between the 9% to 12% with a ballon payment of 3-5-7 or 10 yrs, and 1 yr prepayment penalty.For more information, please go to my profile adn reply.regards;