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Closing costs in a short-sale.


The bottom line is that BOA wants to "NET" $273,000 after all said and done. If you guys can accomplish that then it's a go. If not, then look else where.Good Luck!

I need proof of mortgage being paid by "renters"


Not only will you need proof of the mortgage being paid, but also the taxes and insurance if they are not escrowed. You could have them provide 12-24 months of canceled checks showing that they are making the payments. But, the underwriter will have the final call on what is actually needed. Also, are you even sure they are making the payments?Good Luck!

Best way to finance new home purchase


Sorry, but no one has any idea about your financial situation. I suggest you spend more time on describing your financial situation rather than the description of your home. Need the following: What is your FICO scores?monthly debt? (including taxes & insurance), monthly income? What is your down payment? etc.?