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How can the map location of our house get corrected?

Our house is located on two waterfront lots on Piney Woods Lake, 6 miles south of Frankston, Texas, and Pine Dunes Golf Course is in our HOA. The map has us in the WRONG location-northeast of Frankston in the woods. How can we correct the map?

Wrong location and value of house

Your site has the wrong location of our house. 2231 An County Road 319 Frankston TX. It is on Piney Woods Lake off of SH 155. We have 2 lots of waterfront property (.6 acres). Also you have listed the incorrect value of the home and the incorrect size of the house. The value according to USAA insurance is $355,000. Your web site's incorrect information has caused us to have lower appraisal values and loss of people interested in our property. Change your information or I will seek a remedy through litigation since I have suffered a loss due to your negligence.- Nelson James Hardin-owner