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Check out:   and see if they can help...

How difficult is the California Real Estate Exam?


It just depends on you.  I got by with just using the practice quizes at the end of each book, and a prep exam book. Its all memorization and then applying some critical thinking.  so its better to over study than under study, but I was more than fine with just memorizing the practice quizes.. hope that helps

How good is to buy a house in chula vista as compare to poway .


It depends.  Are you trying to live there, or invest? If you are trying to live there it is all preference.  If you like poway better buy in poway if you like chula vista better buy in chula vista.  Chula Vista however is very competitive which makes it more difficult to purchase

Buying second 2 unit property


Call this lender today-[deleted by Zillow moderator. Please see our Good Neighbor Policy for posting guidelines]

I have an upside down mortgage what can i do?


Where are you getting your hosue price worth from? You should speak with a Realtor to get a real market analysis of your home. You might be able to make a few upgrades to your home to get the extra 10-15k so you will not have to short sale.   If you dont want to make repairs I would put it on the market and try to get the break even price..

I have been waiting and waiting for the loan process to go through, the appraise


Is the appraiser going back to the home, or are they just trying to fight the appraisal price?   I have never heard of an appraiser going out two times unless the property is a flip and there is a 2 appraisal requirement.   Usually its when a property is bought and re-sold under 90 days....They may just be sending the appraiser comparable properties to dispute the appraisal price... this happens every so often.  the appraiser may accept or reject the new comparables.  The bank is just trying to get more money for the house because they didnt like the appraisal price.