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Written about Susan Rochwarg on 09/12/2011
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $350K in Haverhill, MA.

Susan Rochwarg helped us realize our dream! We fell in love with the house, and she understood this and with genuine empathy and caring, immediately and enthusiastically mapped out what needed to happen to make this dream a reality. Having had experience with buying and selling homes in the past with agents, what struck me was how motivated she was in regard to being a TEAM, rather than pressuring and adding to the stress. Quite the opposite, Susan cared about what was in the best interests of all involved. She is creative (the signs in each part of the home emphasizing the features was brilliant), efficient to a "T" (meeting with parties and putting her own priorities on hold was above and beyond), professional, fantastic at communication/negotiating, realistic, motivated, flexible and so important: oversaw the process from beginning to end with optimism, confidence and with attention to everyone's thoughts, feelings, and concerns. She dots every "I", crosses every "T", and always it is evident that she LOVES what she does! As we sit in our dream rocker on our dream porch in our dream house in our dream neighborhood, we know in our heart that these dreams won't be woken up from. They're real forever, and I have no doubt whatsoever it's because of Susan Rochwarg. Don't waste a second with anyone else; there is NO ONE ever CLOSE to Susan's caliber. She's in a category of her own, and I wouldn't hesitate an instant to contact her should the need arise, or to recommend without pause her (and her team's) services to anyone and everyone! THANK YOU SUSAN!!! - Harry and Joanne Skoler

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