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Written about Alex Villasenor on 05/25/2012
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $200K in Concord, CA.

what a treat is all i have to say.

My fiance and I had been renting, and as the market dropped we thought it was time to invest in our future and buy. We looked non stop at sites like zillow or trulia, requesting information and times which we may view certain properties. NO RESPONSE. Needless to say I was very aggravated. When I finally inquired about a property ALex was representing i got a response that day. He was prompt and polite and we arranged to meet the next day. At first glance I have been told that I seem "scary". I am young and have lots of tattoos and have experienced discrimination before, but Alex didn't even blink. He treated me as any other potential client, rich or poor. Of course this being our first time buying we were pretty much in the dark about how things worked, but Alex was with us every step of the way. He was pretty much on call 24/7, as we had MANY questions to ask, and to top it off he was very patient and understanding. When we finally did find a place, Alex went above and beyond (the sale of our place was a nightmare due to the banks being complete idiots and not communicating with one another, but thats another story). If it were not for him I honestly dont know where we would be. Most likely still renting or banging my head on the concrete. On another note I normally NEVER write reviews, im not a yelper, i dont like frequenting new restaurants so i can be first to review or share it with my friends. NOT THAT KIND OF PERSON. But I do give credit were credit is due, and Alex is someone who i trust completely. We still talk to this day and i consider him a friend.

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