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Why are the signs posted on Simms street, when there is already VERY little parking. This is B.S!!
So back in April the Hometown Association board decided to post no parking signs on the North(Right) side of the street.  We do not have enough room to park already, just wait once it snows. I would like to put together a petition, please let me know if anyone is interested.
September 26 2012

Anyone have Info on HomeTown Aurora?

Hometown in Aurora is the worst place to live.  This is why there are so many homes for sale.  My vehicle was parked right in front of my house nite before last and was broken into for the second time, as well as my garage 3 years ago.  I came home yesturday, there are now signs posted that there is no parking allowed on the right side of the street, so now I hav to park even further from my house.  This was implimented by the Hometown Association back in April.  Do all yourselves a favor and MOVE AWAY. Hometown of Aurora will be another getto in 1-2 years, by the way the police hate the nieborhood.  
September 26 2012