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Written about Ginger Gendron on 04/27/2012
Bought a home in 2011.

On both a personal and professional level, Ginger is a 'gem' to work with. She has the unique capacity to deal with people of all natures; thereby, giving her the ability to handle varying, what could potentially be troubling breaking-down of deal type situations in a tactful, conciliatory manner. Not to mention her unruffled behavior in doing so. She possesses one of the, what should be, prerequisites for her line of work: an excellent sense of humor. In answer to your question as to whether I would recommend Ginger: I would AND I DO!

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Response from Ginger on 09/20/2012

My dear friend, I have enjoyed getting to know you and your amazing family. I will come visit, I promise Love your place! Take Care, see you soon! Ginger