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Can I apply for an FHA loan?


She is in the process of refinancing the first which doesn't have my name on it, but still has the second with my name on it. She can afford both mortgages on the home we are in now. I'm able to afford a new home with my income. My only concern is the title and being able to get an FHA loan since I don't have much to put down on a home.

Can I apply for an FHA loan?

My wife and I are divorcing on good terms. We have a 9 year old son together. Nothing has been filed for the divorce yet. She is keeping the house we are in now. My name is on the second mortgage and the title for the house. I want to buy a house in the same neighborhood so I can see my son everyday and she thinks it is a good idea as well. Is it possible to get an FHA loan if my name is already on the title of the house I'm in now. We also filed bankruptcy and were discharged in December of 2009. The house was included in the bankruptcy but apparently wasn't officially reaffirmed. We just kept paying the payments without paperwork, which is what Bank of America told us to do. Can you give me some guidance?Thanks,Joseph