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Written about firmfoundationfl on 03/30/2012
Inspection service. Orlando, FL

I had a crisis as my insurance company gave me very little notice that my policy would be cancelled if they did not have an approved 4 point inspection for our house which had just turned 30 years old. Aubrey had just returned from overseas and his wife had broken her back in an accident, yet despite all of that he came out right away and did our inspection. He gave me several good pointers to save money and extend the life of septic tank, hot water heater, etc that were not within the scope of work. I had his report within 24 hours, so that I could go forward to my insurance agent and line up contractors to fix the required items. Because timeliness was of the essence he scheduled my follow up inspection the very next business day after I called him. I would highly recommend him as he is very diligent and was 100% reachable -- not once when I called did he not pick up the phone.

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