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Jennifer Fortune wrote:

I placed a bid on a bank owned foreclosure. How many day does it take to get a answer?

Here in South Lake Tahoe typically 3 days however if a holiday is involved up to a week.  Be patient!
February 15 2013
Should sellers take an offer before putting it on the market for a week or so?
Here in South Lake Tahoe some homes are selling so quickly that they are only on the market for 5 minutes.  If I was the seller I'm not sure I would need to sell my house in the very first hour.  Thoughts...
February 14 2013
Property Taxes in CA vs. NV around Lake Tahoe
Property Taxes in CA vs. NV around Lake Tahoe.  The basics are:  CA  1.25% of sales price, in NV it depends which county you are located in:  Washoe County assesses property taxes every 5 years, but currently they are several years behind in that proces. In Douglas County, NV, including the Carson Valley and Tahoe's East Shore, taxes tend to be significantly lower than in Washoe County, NV, which includes Incline Village and Reno.   Douglas County, NV including the Carson Valley and Tahoe's East Shore, property tax bills cannot be calculated from the "Total Assessed Value" posted on the Assessor's website. Among the subjective considerations are view, age of the property and Special Taxes. Sewer is the biggest component of Special Taxes – that's generally where a property is hooked up directly to county sewer rather than being part of a General Improvement District. Those Special Taxes are billed as part of the prop tax bill. GID members pay for water, sewer and snow removal separately at roughly $135/month. The newer the improvements the higher the property tax bill. View is also a subjective element – in the case of two seemingly identical homes, the one with the better view usually has higher taxes.  
November 24 2012

Is there a site online where I can find out if a home has a lien on it?

The title company with the pre-lim if it is recorded. 
November 24 2012