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I am debating between whether to go ahead and buy a condo in Harmony (buildingby DR Horton)-Milpitas
right infront of Great Mallprice 571K 3bed 2 bath,den-1456sqft. Most sqft is on the top floor except the den which is beside the 2 car tandem garage in the lower floor. Living room is a bit small. There is a railway track right beside the property and from the bedroom patio of this condo i can see the railway track. School is Zanker elementary(8 rating/880). And there is lot of new construction around this area (mainly townhouses) and BART coming just few blocks away in 2018 for public use is proposed as-well. I want to ideally move out of this house in 5years or so; if i can afford one in a good school district (depends on house prices around that time right; who can time it). Concerns:1. whether selling be a problem with the railway track(when i asked folks who live around Main street they said this is a freight train track which only comes about twice a day and do not make that much of a noise) right beside it after a few years 2. And interest rates going up next year 3. and may be house prices going up
July 19 2013
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