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user555534 wrote:

After editing my listing nothing happens when Zillow should be verifying my ph #. No call. Twice.
Have gone through editing twice but cannot finish because Zillow does not call my phone # to give me the final code to enter.  What is the problem?  Thank you!
September 16 2012
I posted my home on Zillow yesterday. The home description did not get posted.
Zillow has posted an inaccurate and generic description of my home.  I'm not finding Zillow easy to navigate as a user.  Tried to edit this but now the home description is unavailable for editing.  Can someone help me out here?  I emailed Zillow but received a computer generated reply with a link to this page.  Thank you!
April 11 2012
I just posted my home on Zillow. How do I get my phone # off the page? It isn't supposed to be ther
I    Have tried to edit the listing but find no place to fix this.  Any help will be appreciated -- I am new at this!  Thank you.
April 10 2012